Success on the cards for Duncton speed limit campaign

Duncton's long-fought battle for a 30mph speed limit through the length of the village seems at last to be drawing to a successful conclusion.

Following a national organisation's branding of the A285 road through Duncton as one of the most dangerous in Britain, West Sussex county highways chiefs are moving ahead with a road safety plan.

The plan provides for a speed cut from 40mph to 30mph from the bottom of Duncton Hill at Duncton High Street to a point by the village's Roman

Catholic church.

Marie Bracey, chairman of the parish council, said: "It has not been finally signed off but it's looking good. The police have given their agreement which we hope means it will be enforced."

In July, a report by the Road Safety Foundation put the accident-blighted 19km stretch of the A285 between Petworth and Chichester in its top ten list of roads with a persistently high risk.

The foundation's director, Dr Joanne Hill, described the road as 'a typically rural single-carriageway route of straight and hidden bends'.

West Sussex County Council, which had promised Duncton a road safety scheme last year but switched the funding to help pay for the county's winter-damaged roads, took the report to heart and pledged to act.

However, there is concern that the planned 30mph limit does not extend northwards to the notorious Duncton Straight which people living along it say attracts 'suicidal driving' despite signs banning overtaking.

Mrs Bracey said: "That is a 40mph limit which is crazy. There are still

near-misses and overtaking. The signs are just ignored."

Other measures such as signage, new road markings and vehicle-activated warning signs are included in the road safety plan which will be displayed at a village meeting on October 6.

It will be held in the village hall at 6pm when residents will be able to see details of the proposals.

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