Superfast broadband finally arriving in Midhurst

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Superfast broadband is due to go live in the Midhurst area in five weeks’ time with work under way to install fibre optic cabinets across the town.

But an objection to the siting of one cabinet in Chichester Road could see some people missing out on the new high speed broadband.

Midhurst Town Council’s planning committee objected to the siting of an Open Reach dark green cabinet in Chichester Road after hearing the concerns of a resident who said it would be directly outside his front windows.

The resident was also concerned the width of the cabinet would take up a third of the pavement, leaving a narrow space and making it difficult for wheelchairs and pushchairs.

A spokesman for Open Reach said: “We have been looking into this and although the previous location was deemed acceptable, as a goodwill gesture we carried out further investigations into seeing whether the cabinet could be placed adjacent to the existing cabinet already at the site.

“We will be submitting plans to the council planning department this week.

“This alternative position is reliant on the planning permission and the availability of a power supply.”