Support town’s shops urges Midhurst’s vicar

Midhurst Parish Church
Midhurst Parish Church

THE fourth in a series of ‘community links’ services is to be held in Midhurst Parish Church, focusing on businesses and shops.

The service will be led by the Rev David Willis and among those from the business world taking part will be Richard David from Bath Travel and Michael Chevis, the Midhurst photographer, who will both be giving readings.

In addition, the general manager of the Spread Eagle, Ted James, and his staff will be providing refreshments in the church after the service.

It is billed as a chance for businesses and shops in Midhurst to promote themselves and there will be a display of posters, flyers and other literature in the church for the occasion.

In addition a complimentary copy of Envoy, the church magazine, will be distributed in the town in the next week, containing interviews with the business community.

Over the past year the church has held three community services, themed around health care, education, and leisure and sports, each time inviting people representing these interests to join in.

“The services have enabled us to celebrate aspects of life in Midhurst that make it a great place to live, and they have been very successful,” said Mr Willis.

The business-themed service takes place on 
Sunday, March 2 at 10am.

“For the church,” said Mr Willis, “this service is about recognising our community has a lot to offer and we have a great deal to be thankful for.

“There will be an opportunity for the businesses attending to talk with each other, and 
members of the congregation, about what they offer.”

He added: “Although my family and I have only lived in Midhurst for a few months, we are really enjoying being here.

“Being able to walk into town and find much of what we need – and a few treats too – is a real joy.

“The cafés, shops, pubs, and all the other businesses make this a great town to live in, but we mustn’t forget the people who provide these services.

“Having your own shop or business can be very rewarding, but also very stressful.

“The recent years of recession and the slow recovery will have made things very tough for some, alongside the constant threat from out-of-town megastores and on-line trading.

“We must be very grateful that our shopping streets are not filled with boarded-up properties and offer our 
shops and businesses our support now more than ever.”

On Sunday May 11, the church will be filled with flowers for a celebration 
of all the community-link services.