Sussex Police set to consider further job cuts

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SUSSEX Police is facing further job losses under the label of ‘exploring new ways of working’.

The force announced last night (December 9) an ‘inevitable’ drop in the number of its employees in a bid to make savings of £55m by 2020.

However, deputy chief constable Olivia Pinkney stressed the force would seek to retain frontline roles to keep people safe.

“We will make decisions on which services to prioritise, and to whom they will be delivered, based on the level of threat, risk and harm,” she said. “We will continue to prioritise crimes that cause the greatest harm to victims and the community.”

She said Sussex Police’s aim was to deliver policing more efficiently through ‘embracing technology and multi-agency working’.

The force is working on a model for the future and is holding workshops across its departments to see where resources would best be targeted. Findings are due next year.

DCC Pinkney added: “The public can be reassured that with efficiencies already made overall crime has reduced in the last three years making Sussex Police one of the safest forces nationally.

“And while I understand that changes can be unsettling, the officers and staff I speak with around the force are highly motivated, professional people with a passion for what they do and are very actively contributing to shaping our police service for the future.

“I am confident that by exploring new ways of working we can meet competing demands effectively.”

She said Sussex Police was acknowledged this month by the HMIC for running a ‘tight ship’ and working with partners such as Surrey Police to make cash savings and still deliver ‘good quality policing’.

DCC Pinkney spoke of some design principles that were not yet finalised.

“The design principles contain possibilities which are aligned to the future vision for the organisation, but they are not what we will definitely do and do not go in detail as to how they could be done,” she said. “It assists in making choices and is an internal document written to guide the work of the design team.

“Ideas explored and, ultimately, the design proposals, will meet the objectives to meet the changing issues of modern policing and the financial challenge of making savings in the region of £55 million by 2020.”