Thank you to Petworth Samaritan

Pound Street, Petworth
Pound Street, Petworth

AN elderly Petworth woman who was knocked over in gusting winds wants to say thank you to the knight in shining armour who rescued her.

On Saturday (February 8) Pat Kingsley who is 94 years old, was caught off balance when a powerful gust of wind funnelling down Pound Street sent her crashing to the ground on the narrow pavement.

She lay helpless on the ground while traffic rushed past just inches away from her head.

But she was saved when one motorist spotted her lying on the pavement without help and got out of his car to assist her in getting to her feet.

Having established that only her dignity had been injured and she was not physically hurt, he retrieved her walking aid for her and made sure she had recovered enough to get home.

All this happened so quickly that Pat said she felt she may not have thanked this kind Samaritan properly and hopes he may read of her gratitude here.