Thatcher aide could be linked to body found in Rogate

The village of South Harting
The village of South Harting

SCOTLAND yard police officers are to examine fresh allegations which could link one of Margaret Thatcher’s closest aides to the unsolved murder of the eight-year-old boy whose body was found in Rogate in 1982.

The new move follows allegations by a 46-year-old man who told The Telegraph he met Sir Peter Morrison in 1982, yards from his Harting home just months after the torso of Vishal Mehrotra had been found in woodland less than two miles from Harting.

He alleged the Conservative MP, who went on to become parliamentary private secretary to Mrs Thatcher, took him – then aged 14 – to the notorious Elm guesthouse in Barnes and raped him, and Scotland Yard covered it up.

The MP, who died of a heart attack in 1995, was never charged with any crime during his lifetime.

Vishal had disappeared on the day of the royal wedding in 1981, less than a mile 
from the Elm.

At an inquest into his death, West Sussex coroner Mark Calvert recorded an open verdict, but said ‘foul play’ 
was likely.

Last November, Vishal’s father Vishambar Mehrotra, a retired magistrate, told The Telegraph he had information that his son may have been abducted and also taken to the Elm.

In the new allegations, the 46-year-old said he met the MP when he offered him money to help him as his car had broken down.

The man claimed Morrison asked him to go to London and although he refused, he pestered him with phone calls and eventually he agreed.

Morrison picked him up from his home and met his father who said “He seemed nice – very well-spoken and nicely presented.” But the man claimed he was taken to the Elm where he was assaulted, but managed to escape.

Back home, his father called the police and a year later they were told a man had been convicted in court.

But years later, the victim recognised the MP and discovered he had never served a prison sentence. He believes Morrison could have had some link to Vishal’s killing.

“We were out in the middle of nowhere, and this little boy was dumped less than two miles from where I lived. And apparently he was abducted and taken to the same place where I was assaulted. To me, there are too many coincidences. It’s got to be worth looking at.”

A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police said: “We are aware of the allegations and will be investigating.”

A Sussex Police spokesman said: “On what The Telegraph has reported, it appears 
any offences occurred in London, so any information initially reported to Sussex Police would have been transferred to the Metropolitan Police for investigation, together with the results of any initial forensic examination if carried out in Sussex.”