The Aldingbourne Country Centre goes green

The Aldingbourne Country Centre has held a variety of green-themed events as part of the charity’s summer holiday activities.

Children attended sessions to learn how to build bug houses and take part in junk modelling – transforming ‘junk’ into art.

Youngsters were thrilled to build their own bug houses, creating creepy-crawly friendly homes to put in their gardens.

The bug houses were made out of 100 per cent natural materials, including straw, grass, twigs, bamboo canes and dried teasels. 
The children gathered the materials and put them into an environmentally-friendly cardboard tube.

Children learnt how to recycle in a creative way in junk modelling, and turned ‘rubbish’ into works of art.

Impressive models emerged from the mixture of cardboard, glitter, glue and paint and plastic.

One parent, Mrs Davies said: “He’s covered in paint, and so am I. But he is having a great time. This is a wonderful place for families to visit.”

The Aldingbourne Country Centre is part of the Aldingbourne Trust, a local charity that supports people with learning disabilities.

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