The quest for Utopia at Petworth Society talk

THE last Petworth Society meeting of the year was packed with fascinating facts from guest speaker David Bramwell.

The society met in the Leconfield Hall to hear David Bramwell talk about The quest for Utopia.

Rosemary Thompson from the society said: “David is one of those speakers who pack in so much information with amusing asides and entertaining stories in rapid succession.

“A music teacher in Brighton, disillusioned with its culture and lifestyle, he decided to take a year out in search of communities living in their own paradise.

“In his stays of a month in communes in Denmark, Scotland, Italy, California and Arizona, he found likeable anarchists, theosophists and idealists, all ready to spend time with each other and talking.

“It’s all in his book, The Number 9 Bus to Utopia.

“David hadn’t found Utopia and yearned for a return to city life, but found selfish behaviour and a litter-filled beach.

“But neighbourhood day came in his part of Brighton, when people put a chair outside their front gate, with an invitation to go and have a chat. It was a great success, which now carries on.

“People get to know each other, talk over their problems and help each other out.

“It must have occurred to folk in the audience and was then acknowledged by David, that it was like living in Petworth!

“So, he asked in closing, is Utopia the perfect place, or is it the journey?”