Tillington family appeal for lost dog

Diesel the missing Border Terrier
Diesel the missing Border Terrier

A Tillington family are making a desperate plea to people in the Midhurst and Petworth area to be on the lookout for a border terrier after their beloved family dog went missing at the weekend.

Diesel is a special companion to Verity and Ted Oliver’s son Will who has learning difficulties and has been distraught since the disappearance of his constant friend.

“We bought him as a 13th birthday present for Will,” said his Verity. “He and Will have been constant companions for the past nine years.”

Diesel is a nine year old Border Terrier.

He went missing on Saturday morning (September 14) when he was playing in the garden of the family’s farm home in South Lane. The house sits between Tillington and Selham just off the A272 and the family are asking walkers and drivers to be on the lookout and get in touch with them if there are any sightings.

Verity told the Observer: “This is very unusual behaviour for Diesel as he has never done anything like this before and he is devoted to our family and especially to Will.” Will has moderate learning difficulties, a speech and language disorder and dyspraxia.

“As you can imagine he is devastated by Diesel’s loss,” said Verity.

If anyone has seen Diesel since his disappearance they are asked to contact Verity on 01798 860703 or 07798 823502.