Time for legal action over pothole misery in West Sussex

A Selham businessman who says potholes have cost him more than £2,000 in car repairs wants to form a group of aggrieved motorists to consider taking legal action against West Sussex County Council.

"I want to hear from other people who have failed to get compensation so we can appoint a solicitor and take group action," said Karl Thacker, who runs KRT Computer Services.

"If we do this collectively we will have more weight behind us.

He is furious the county council have ignored his requests for reimbursement after having to replace three windscreens and three sets of wheels and tyres over the past year.

"They haven't replied to me, which is very rude and now I have decided to take this further.

"I am very angry about this.

"I am a small business, I don't make much money and I have already had to cope with a hike in fuel prices.

"Paying the excess on my insurance for three windscreens, replacing tyres and wheels – which cost 378 each – as well as losing a day's work while the windscreens are fitted, is costing me more

than 2,000."

Mr Thacker – who uses two vehicles for business and clocks up many miles – added: "From my experience travelling all over the country I think West Sussex County Council roads are probably the worst in Britain. There has been no proper maintenance and repair work done for years."

He was also concerned the situation would affect the cost of car insurance: "If other people are suffering the same way as me it's going to affect our premiums."

His catalogue of pothole misery began in July last year when gravel from a pothole on the Graffham to Selham road hit the windscreen of his Passat car.

It cracked and had to be replaced.

Six weeks ago, on Wheelbarrow Castle at Easebourne, gravel kicked up by a car travelling in the opposite direction, cracked the car's windscreen again.

In January last year a tyre and wheel on the Passat had to be replaced after Mr Thacker hit a pothole on Rumbolds Hill in Midhurst.

Anyone who has suffered similar misery and would like to consider taking group action should contact Mr Thacker by emailing potholes@krtcomputers.co.uk

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