Tom returns to Milland after gruelling Sahara trek

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DCIM\100GOPRO SUS-140422-130226001

INSPIRATIONAL Tom Boam has returned to his Milland home after completing what has been described as ‘the toughest foot race on Earth’.

Marathon des Dables (MCS) is a 250k race on foot through the Sahara Desert over six days where contestants are forced to carry all their own food and equipment.

Tom completed the gruelling challenge in 40 hours and 19 minutes, coming 288th from a total of 1,100 starters from all over the world.

His feat has so far raised almost £10,000 for Dementia UK, his chosen charity after his mother was diagnosed with the disease two years ago.

“This was an extremely tough physical and mental challenge,” he said, “but I have noticed the memory is already coating it with a rose tint. The overwhelming feeling is it was an amazing and enjoyable experience, but I know there were low moments along the way.

“Through the training and the event itself, raising money for Dementia UK proved a strong motivation.

“A huge thank you to all those who have sponsored me to date.”

Read the full story of Tom’s Sahara adventure in the Observer out on Thursday, May 1.