Top ranking polo players in action for Midhurst Town Cup

Polo players in action
Polo players in action

THE crowds turning out for the Midhurst Town Cup at Cowdray Park are in for a thrilling match.

The Dubai team, three time winners of the Veuve Clicquot Gold Cup, with the mighty Adolfo Cambiaso in action on their team are taking on the Black Bears at 3pm tomorrow (Sunday, June 30).

Cambiaso is at the top of his game and has been considered the world’s leading player for almost a decade and his magic on the field continues to wow the crowds.

Dubai last won the prestigious Veuve Clicquot Gold Cup in 2010 and have been in the final twice since then.

Black Bears are also three times winners of the Gold Cup.

They return to the British Open following a six year absence during which time Guy Schwarzenbach has taken on the role of patron following the retirement from polo of his father Urs Schwarzenbach.

Black Bears have made it to the final of the Veuve Clicquot Gold Cup on a further three occasions.

The patron of the Dubai team is Rashid Albwardy.

He is a very competent 2 goal player, who will play at number 1.

Nico Pieres, the youngest of the three sons of former 10 goal Ellerston player Gonzalo Pieres, has two older 10 goal brothers, Gonzalito and Facundo, both also playing in Gold Cup teams, and Nico looks under-handicapped at 7 goals.

Nico plays at number 2, with Adolfo Cambiaso in the pivotal number 3 position and Australian Alec White, 3 goals, completing the line-up.

Guy Schwarzenbach has formed his team around John Paul Clarkin, a New Zealand 8 goal professional who has been his team-mate and friend for many years.

He is joined by Nachi du Plessis, a talented 8 goaler from South Africa with Paco O’Dwyer, 4 goals, playing at back.

Every goal in the Midhurst Town Cup contest counts in the league phase of the Veuve Clicquot Gold Cup for the British Open Polo Championship.

Crowd numbers at the prestigious Cowdray Park polo ground are expected to be high throughout the four week long tournament with interest rising as the quarter finals approach on July 13 and 14.

And the semi finals seal the fate of the last four teams on Thursday July 18.

There is still time to buy reduced price tickets for the final on July 21.

Entry tickets can be bought for £17.50 until July 5, after that the price rises to £20 for each adult ticket (under 12s free).

Visit for more information or call 01730 813257.