'˜Preferred A27 option' on county council agenda

A county council agenda has recommended a '˜mitigated northern route' for a new bypass north of the city as the preferred option for Chichester's A27.

Friday, 25th May 2018, 9:43 am
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 8:50 am
Thousands of people responded to the big A27 survey. Picture: Eddie Mitchell

In a report to members of a select committee, published last night, council officers have recommended West Sussex County Council follow the advice of consultancy firm Systra in putting forward the northern route as a ‘preferred option’.

A secondary proposal to Highways England will ask for a ‘full south concept’, upgrading all existing A27 junctions with no new road.

The extract from the Environment, Communities and Fire Services Select Committee, which will make a decision on June 4, reads:

“Recommendation: The Committee is recommended to note the outputs of the work by the BABA27 Community Group and Systra (sections 3 and 4) and to submit its views to the Cabinet Member for Highways and Infrastructure on:

(a) the desirability of the ‘mitigated northern route’ and the ‘full southern route’ options (section 4);

(b) the suggestion that Approach C (i.e. promoting one of the two desirable options as a preference but also promoting the other one as a ‘reasonable alternative’) is taken to promoting a scheme to the Government for inclusion in RIS2, noting the ‘fallback’ position if no approach is selected (section 6);

(c) the suggestion that the ‘mitigated northern route’ should be identified as the County Council’s preferred option (section 8).”

More to follow.