Stockbridge Roundabout temporary lights switched off

The Stockbridge roundabout. Picture: Eddie Mitchell
The Stockbridge roundabout. Picture: Eddie Mitchell

The temporary traffic lights at the Stockbridge Roundabout have been switched off.

A statement from Highways England said: “From Saturday, May 26, temporary traffic lights on the A27 at Stockbridge will be switched off.

“An alternative pedestrian route will come into effect, directing people wishing to cross the A27 via a nearby underpass by the Chichester canal.

“We have installed a new footpath, signs and lighting along the route, which will take about five minutes to walk. There is extra help available for disabled people needing to cross too.

“The new arrangements will be in place between 6am and 10pm each day. The temporary lights will switched back on overnight when traffic volumes are lowest.”

This comes after Highways England faced criticism for the safety of the traffic lights, which appear to control traffic on the roundabout but is a pedestrian crossing immediately before the junction.

A cyclist also recently died at the roundabout in a hit-and-run incident.