Traffic regulation order gets go-ahead in Easebourne

Councillors have given the green-light to a one-way traffic regulation order (TRO) in Lutener Road, Easebourne, despite fierce objections.

The one-way system would prohibit westbound vehicles, particularly those leaving the adjacent Gillhams service station, from using Lutener Road to access Dodsley Lane.

Officers approved the plan, saying safety concerns and letters of support outweighed objections and noting concern has been raised about Lutener Road being used as a ‘rat-run’.

The amendment will mean all residents can approach their homes only from the A286 Dodsley Lane.

Councillors at the North Chichester county local committee voted three-to-one in favour, only Cllr Sandra James voting against.

She said: “There doesn’t seem to be a huge level of support from residents.

“If I was a councillor in the area, I would have gone out and knocked on every door.

“When we go to this expense – which there will be – I want to make sure the support is there.”

Cllr Michael Brown responded: “I don’t have time to knock on every door.

“The parish council voted unanimously in favour of this and they are the focal point of a village – that carries a great deal of weight.”

Janet Duncton, dubbed ‘The TRO Champion’ by Cllr Brown, said: “I think this scheme will work.”

Resident Nigel Curry said: “This situation could be eased if traffic exiting the garage was only permitted to turn left, thereby alleviating the need for a one-way street and saving £9,100 of taxpayer’s money.”

Nick Odle added: “A one-way system may work, but not the direction in which it is proposed – it should be east to west. It’s an accident waiting to happen.”

“Despite there not being a huge representation from Lutener Road, we are a close-knit community and feel issues of parking, congestion and traffic speed are of concern but may be better considered by a community meeting rather than by a panel of councillors who have not even made a site visit,” said Patricia Luke.