More crashes and close calls at Stockbridge A27 lights

More crashes and near misses continue to be reported at the A27 Stockbridge lights.

Tuesday, 23rd January 2018, 2:17 pm
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 2:10 am
The temproary lights are right on each point of Stockbridge Roundbaout and will last until mid March. ks180014-5
The temproary lights are right on each point of Stockbridge Roundbaout and will last until mid March. ks180014-5

Following a mother and her daughter being injured in a collision on Saturday, others have contacted the Observer about worrying incidents at the new pedestrian crossing.

Patrick Gale emailed to say: “I write concerning an accident involving my car that is largely a result of the confusing and absurd traffic signals temporarily installed at the Stockbridge roundabout.

“I was crossing the roundabout at 9.20am on Saturday, January 20, in a northerly direction when a car shot across in front of me causing me to slow down rapidly, this in turn caused another car to run into my rear.

“The car that shot across my front, had come to the roundabout from the west and had clearly seen the green of the temporary traffic lights and entered the roundabout regardless of traffic on the roundabout.

“These lights give the impression that, in accordance with normal convention, green means proceed.

“However in the case of the Stockbridge roundabout this defies normal rules of the road and green in no way means it is clear to proceed - there is still moving traffic on the roundabout!

“So the driver that caused me to slow failed to ‘give way to the right’ as these lights give the impression that the way ahead is clear.”

He is demanding Highways England, responsible for installing the lights while the Stockbridge footbridge is being replaced, foots the bill for the damage to his car, instead of either his or the other driver’s insurance company.

“Don’t they just get it!!!! Common sense does not prevail,” he said.

“Perhaps our Minister for Transport Chris Grayling needs to visit.”

It comes after Alex Turner, 36, was taken to hospital with severe bruising and muscle damage after her and her mother Sarah Holness were involved in a collision later the same day on Saturday.

Only today, a teacher from Donnington said she was just nearly hit as a pedestrian when crossing the A27 when a van ran a red light.

The woman, who asked not to be named, said: “I was waiting in the central reservation and was looking at all the construction, when I noticed the pedestrian light had turned green, went to step out and a van shot through.

“It must have been going at least 20mph, had I not been distracted and gone earlier I would have been hit.

“If I had had my children with me it would have been a disaster, I won’t be crossing with them from now on.”

She added: “I know there’s been car accidents there but thankfully no pedestrians hit yet.

“The van driver showed no awareness he’d just gone through a red light as he sped towards the Whyke Roundabout.”

Last week Highways said the lights had been ‘carefully designed for safety’.

The Observer approached Highways for comment yesterday morning on if changes would be made following the first reported crash, and is still waiting for a response.