Trespassers will not be prosecuted at Tillington

Tillington C080886-7
Tillington C080886-7

TILLINGTON will mark an historic occasion celebrating the new footpath from the glebe field to the recreation ground, meaning walkers will no longer be trespassing.

The path, long used unofficially, provides a short cut for people living in The Harrows and Westside area to the recreation ground, without having to walk up the road.

The walk will start at 11.40am in the Glebe Field on Saturday, August 17, then proceed to the recreation ground where at midday the ribbon will be cut.

The special guest will be Simon Knight, land agent for Lord Egremont, who cannot make it on the day.

A party will be held afterwards in the cricket pavilion. Drinks will be served and anyone is invited.

Contact Gerald Gresham Cooke 01798 342151,