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Want to try something different to shake you out of your stale exercise routine? Peter Courtney-Fitch may just have the answer.

Friday, 29th July 2016, 4:08 pm
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 1:57 am
Wacky workouts - a rebound class. Rebounding is done on a good quality small circular trampoline that is designed to give extra spring and absorb impact. Pic Steve Robards SR1616808 SUS-160615-151333001

Flash back four years when the nation was on a high during a successful London 2012 Olympic Games and you could be forgiven for thinking that the majority of people decided to get fit off the back of it.

Well with all the facts and figures, it really depends on who you talk to.

Official statistics revealed back in 2013 that more than half the population in England were doing the recommended level of physical activity – 150 minutes a week.

Wacky workouts - a rebound class. Rebounding is done on a good quality small circular trampoline that is designed to give extra spring and absorb impact. Pic Steve Robards SR1616789 SUS-160615-151240001

Also, comparisons with previous years, although complicated to compare due to how exercise levels are measured, still pointed to a gradual increase in the years prior to 2012.

Yet, the data, drawn from Sport England’s Active People Survey, revealed at the time that there were significant numbers of people doing very little exercise.

In total, almost a third actually failed to do 30 minutes a week.

Participation in football, cricket, rugby and cycling all decreased, with only tennis and swimming among the nation’s most popular pursuits recording a rise.

Wacky workouts - a rebound class. Rebounding is done on a good quality small circular trampoline that is designed to give extra spring and absorb impact. Pic Steve Robards SR1616764 SUS-160615-151147001

So how can we stop a repeat of this, without the bonus of a home Olympic Games as the spotlight falls on Rio, Brazil? We’ll if in Brazil, why not do as the Brazilians do – dance!

For me personally, a workout has to be fun, so dancing makes a lot of sense to me.

You may have already tried Zumba, but what if you were self-conscious of being seen getting the steps wrong?

Answer – Clubbercise. It has been described as ‘simple, fun dance fitness routines using glow sticks to club anthems from the 90s classics to the latest chart hits in a darkened room with disco lights’. What is there not to love?


No-one can see you put a foot wrong or sweat, err I meant glow, as the clubbercisers say on its marketing material.

But, what can you expect at a class? I donned my bright orange t-shirt and sportswear and made my way to Southwater to find out what stepping back into my rave days would feel like in my forties.

“Hey, come in and grab some glow sticks were about to start,” enthused an excitable Alice Peach who was taking the class in her luminous outfit.

I am obviously not a natural with glow sticks as I kept switching mine off whilst hopping, stepping, and jumping in a line, up and down the hall.

As the token bloke I felt I had to give it some and soon after the warm-up I was reaching for my water – do take water, you’ll need it…

All eyes were on Alice who not only glided across the floor, but had already done some good; as every instructor on completion of the Clubbercise training course, sees the company make a donation to Oxfam to provide safe drinking water for around ten people.

Conscious clubbing and glow sticks, whatever next?

Well if Clubbercise doesn’t leave you with a spring in your step, then you may want to get off the floor altogether and jump start your fitness by giving Rebounding a try?

Heralded as 2016’s hottest fitness trend, Rebounding is a fun, high energy workout involving a small circular trampoline designed for a whole body workout that gives extra spring whilst absorbing impact, so great for those getting back into fitness or looking to try something new.

Sessions last between 20 – 45 minutes and can be tailored to focus on cardio, strength, core or sports specific routines.

The focus while working out is on the downward push through the balls of the feet and jumping no higher than six inches.

It is stated that by just doing 30 minutes per day could help you lose one stone in three weeks.

Plus, the repetitive pushing and jumping encourages efficient blood supply around the body helping to drain away toxins stored in fat cells, which is a bonus.

ReboundUK West Sussex is run by two mums Kelly and Debbie - who little did I know at the time, were keen to put me through my paces.

Donning the latest Sundried apparel I was ready for my full Rebounding experience.

Placing me at the front, Kelly and Debbie took it in turns to take to the Rebounder from a warm-up to combat, which utilised kicks and punches.

It felt weird initially as the sensation of bouncing and then executing a strike can be tricky, so you need to engage your core for stabilisation.

Then the dreaded pulse raiser really got me in a sweat as the non-stop cardio and beats kept us all on our toes.

In essence, a mini trampoline based workout sounds innocent enough, but rebounding gives a thorough all-round resistance based workout that is fun and challenging in equal measure.

However, if you are a real fan of the Olympic Games and don’t want to miss a thing, what about watching while doing a Sundried Home Workout?

Sundried is founded by Daniel Puddick, a personal trainer, triathlete and father who wanted to create a brand that his children will be proud to be associated with in 15 years-time.

Premium ethical active wear was the goal and the design process followed his learnings in the industry.

Furthermore, every purchase will come with a unique code. Entering the code in its donate website will reveal the journey of the garment along with your donation to Water for Kids - a charity that helps people get safe drinking water for the first time.

So whether you want to dance, get bounce fit or remain at home giving it some in front of your favourite athletes on TV, your ideal fitness regime is out there waiting to be found.

The wackier the workout the better, just ensure you’re having fun, getting fit and remember to take plenty of water with you – glow sticks are optional.

Clubbercise: Invite you to come join the party at Ashington Community Centre every Monday from 7.45pm – 8.30pm or Easteds Barn Southwater every Thursday 6.20pm – 7.15pm.

For further information or to book, email [email protected] or call 07922 871725.

ReboundUK West Sussex: Get bounce fit every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday at various venues. To book, visit or visit Facebook

Sundried activewear is available to purchase exclusively on its website or via its partnering personal trainers.

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