Is this a UFO spotted over Chichester?

A Chichester man has spoken out after reportedly seeing 'UFO's' over his home.

Tuesday, 22nd January 2019, 10:07 am
Updated Thursday, 7th February 2019, 6:32 pm
One of the lights John has spotted, which he insists is not the moon

John Strudwick, 61, who lives in Maudlin, Chichester said he has spotted three saucers above his home, all furnished with bright, circular lights beaming down.

John said he was confused and 'a bit scared' when he first spotted the 'flying saucers' above his home and was 'stuck to the spot' for quite a while.

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Photographer snaps 'UFO'
John said he had doubts in the past but now believes '100 per cent'

He said: "Not long after I moved here 20 years ago, I worked in Natures Way where the lights are coming from. I didn't know it then but when it is dark at night you see this bright cloud going by and it is really bright orange. I have been told that [aliens] do some horrible stuff — they have attacked people and used them for parts.

"It's amazing. I have always thought there was something out there — there are over 4billion stars out there so you can't tell me there is nothing out there. I let my dog out the back door then I saw it right above me, I thought 'flipping hell' then this bright light came on.

A life-long believer, John admits he has had doubts in the past but now says the sighting has cemented his belief: "You get so much in the paper and on the television but seeing is believing. Not until that night did I 100 per cent believe."

A photo taken from the same spot in John's garden showing there to be no streetlight

John isn't the first Chichester resident to claim to have spotted a UFO — back in 2009, 61-year-old, Wendy Hawley, from Chichester said she saw a 'massive' square object flying over Stockbridge Road where she lived. Both accounts include bright circular lights but differ in shape.

Freelance photographer Hab Rahman also caught a snap of a 'UFO' while driving around Portsmouth in 2008 and said it was going faster than an aeroplane of helicopter.