Unidentified noise could force Midhurst writer out of her home


A MIDHURST writer fears an unidentified noise is literally driving her mad.

Deb McPhilemy moved to her home in Mead Way, Holmbush in April 2011. But it was not until last August she started to hear the low-pitched resonating drone which has become so bad she says she and her husband will have to sell their home.

“At first I heard it on and off. I thought it was somebody running a motor, but it has never gone away and it’s driving me nuts and making me extremely distressed – it is worse at night. I have been looking for the source ever since.

“I asked everybody who came to the house if they could hear it and then a friend picked it up straight away. I was so relieved because I was beginning to think there was something wrong with me.”

Now Deb, who runs her own business from home, writing personal development books for children, is forced to wear noise-cancelling earphones while she works.

She plays white noise through headphones at night to try to sleep and is also taking sleeping tablets.

“I have got so stressed to the point where we will have to move. But it’s not an immediate solution.”

Deb said she went home to South Africa over Christmas: “It was bliss because there was no noise and I was reassured it’s not just me.”

On her return, she noticed there was no noise until Saturday, January 3.

“Then we thought maybe it was coming from one of the businesses on the industrial estate and I went up there to look and listen.”

A likely culprit seemed to be the machines at the pizza factory Pan’artisan.

“They were wonderful there and really tried to help, turning off all the machines to check if it was coming from them, but it continued.”

With several other businesses on the estate, Deb is now hoping they will also help her.

Chichester District Council’s environmental health officers have recorded the noise, she says, but cannot help until she pinpoints it.

If anyone else is suffering similar problems, Deb would love to hear from them at deborah.mcphilemy@gmail.com