Uppark has a new way to tell its stories

Visitors at Uppark take a new multi media tour of the house
Visitors at Uppark take a new multi media tour of the house

THE historic Uppark House has had its fair share of tales to tell over the years.

And now the house has found a new way to share some of its secrets with the many people who visit every year.

From the start of July, the National Trust property has been indulging in a little bit of gossip through a new multi-media tour experience which guides visitors around the stunning National Trust house, revealing intriguing facts as 
they go.

Using a hand-held visual and audio guide, visitors can dip in and out of a wealth of tales that explore the stories behind the magnificent collection at the house, the Uppark family, the famous fire of 1989, and all sorts of historical titbits.

“Uppark has some amazing tales to tell, which really bring the house to life,” said house manager Sarah Foster.

“Our new multi-media tours are the perfect way for visitors to immerse themselves in these stories in a more intimate way, as they journey through the rooms at their 
own pace.”

Visitors can find out what Uppark’s 18th-century owner Sir Harry got up to when his friends came over for parties.

They can now listen to National Trust conservator Ylva Dahnsjo talk about the pioneering conservation work Lady Meade-Fetherstonhaugh carried out to save the textiles in the house that helped to ensure they survived the fire many years later.

Or they can listen to the childhood memories of a member of the family, as she recalls what life at Uppark was like under ‘the Admiral’.

As Julia Barker, operations manager, explains: “Our multi-media tours delve into a whole range of wonderful stories, from life above and below stairs, to the history of our incredible collections. But you can pick and choose what to listen to at the touch of a button, so you needn’t cover it all in one visit.

“Come back another day for more intrigue and gossip from Uppark.”

However, for visitors who prefer to be guided by a person, Uppark also offers bite-sized tours, with a potted history of part of the house in 30 minutes.

These are available from 11am-12.30pm each open day.