Valentine’s Day is extra special for one Chichester family

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National service

ROSES are red, violets are blue, here’s not just one Valentine, but three – it’s true.

February 14 is a special day for siblings Zoe, 11, Johnny, eight, and Rebecca Valentine, five.

All three children are pupils at Jessie Younghusband School in Chichester and, like their parents, are proud of their name.

Their mother Sally said it was nice to have the name, thanks to her husband John.

“My mum thought it was quite unusual but she was quite happy with the name,” she said. “My husband gets quite a few comments. When he was at school the teachers would say things like ‘I’m sending you this, Valentine’ but the children haven’t had any comments yet.

“I get a few comments, because my initial in S people say Shirley Valentine. It’s fun, I’m quite happy with the name – I’ve heard a lot worse!”

Mrs Valentine said she and her husband swopped cards and she usually received flowers.

“We do celebrate it. It’s quite nice. Because of the name, it’s special – it’s like our day.”