Vandalised Fittleworth village is police priority

Fittleworth street
Fittleworth street

A CATALOGUE of vandalism in Fittleworth has made the village a police priority.

The shocking list of damage in a recent spate of anti-social behaviour was read to members of parish councillors.

It included damage to benches on the playing field, broken guttering, fascias and down pipes, as well as loosened coping stones around the sports pavilion.

Other damage included used condoms on the windows of the village hall, smashed locks and a broken door handle, loosened hand-holds on the children’s climbing frame, bottles and cans discarded.

Parish councillors were also told a car had been damaged by airgun pellets, and the rocking motorbike had been wrenched from its mounting spring in the children’s play area.

Police community support officer Jenn Morley said Fittleworth would now be a police priority until January. She had already paid ten visits to the problem areas after dark, but had not seen anything suspicious.

She emphasised to parish councillors every incident should be reported as soon as possible and direct to the police either on 999 if urgent, or 101 if not urgent so that a pattern of incidents could be established.

PCSO Morley said security cameras would be installed in the area as soon as they were available.

Fittleworth has also been targeted by thieves on several occasions over the last two months.

Four homes on the main road have been the victim of burglars and, in the latest incident, clocks were stolen from a house in Lower Street.