Veteran campaginer presents Petworth vehicle damage evidence

Veteran road safety campaigner John Morgan has presented town councillors with a hoard of vehicle parts which had been knocked off cars in Angel Street in a ten-day period as they negotiated the narrow street.

In his continuing battle of safety measures Mr Morgan has repeatedly warned he believes there will be a fatality in Angel Street unless action is taken.

And at their meeting last week to highlight his case, Mr Morgan showed town councillors sections of, wing mirrors, lights and bumpers that had been knocked off vehicles trying to pass each other in the road.

He said pedestrians took their lives in their hands on the narrow pavements when wide vehicles passed each other on the road and sometimes mounted the pavement, which was only nine or ten inches wide at its narrowest points.

“This is a very genuine concern: there is going to be a fatality there,” he said.

In a petition signed by the overwhelming majority of residents they urged the county council to act before there was a fatal accident in the street.

Calling for urgent safety measures residents came up with their own five-point plan to improve safety which included the introduction of a 20 mph limit, a two-way arrow system and the reinstatement of two parking spaces outside the Angel Court flats.

Mr Morgan said since double yellow lines were introduced outside Angel Court flats and parking removed, the speeding problem had worsened.

But the plan was later ruled out by West Sussex County Council who said there was no evidence any action was needed.

Chairman of Petworth Town Council Ken Lintill told him councillors were hoping to apply for a 20mph speed limit through West Sussex County Council’s county local committee.