Victory in battle for Tillington bus shelter

A fine timber bus shelter, installed beside the A272 at Tillington, has been officially opened by the villager who campaigned for it.

Jane MacFarlane cut the ribbon at the 5,000 shelter, funded jointly by West Sussex County Council and Tillington Parish Council.

The shelter serves those who want to catch a bus to Petworth and on to Worthing, and puts its plastic counterpart on the westbound side of the road in the shade.

Parish chairman Hugh Rolfe said Mrs MacFarlane was one of Tillington's 'elderly stateswomen'.

She did not drive and relied on buses to get her where she wanted to go.

"The original shelter is in completely the wrong place – round the corner in The Harrows. If you were sheltering in it, you had no hope of seeing a bus coming. We think they must have re-routed the buses at some time," he explained.

It was disappointing, however, that the new shelter had no sides, only a roof to protect waiting passengers from wind and rain.

"It was forced on us because of the narrow pavement there," Mr Rolfe said. "If it had sides, mothers with pushchairs could not get past. We did the best we could."

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