VIDEO: A night at the Novium museum

A NIGHT at the museum let families see Chichester’s history in a whole new light.

As part of a national event, The Novium held a Night at the Museum on Friday (May 16), which saw people exploring the museum by torchlight.

Night at the Museum 2014 at the Novium SUS-140520-150218001

Night at the Museum 2014 at the Novium SUS-140520-150218001

For many of them, it was the first time they had visited the Novium, as they came from as far afield as Fernhurst, Bracklesham and Worthing.

“It’s a really fabulous building,” said Georgie Watson, from Fernhurst, who brought her daughter Virginia and some of her friends for her daughter’s tenth birthday.

“We like the fact that the children immediately gravitated to the exhibits they can actually pick up. It’s very hands-on.”

The children were issued with a torch and magnifying glass and hunted around the museum’s exhibition room, looking for hidden items.

They were then challenged to build a Roman building from cardboard. Later they spent time creating characters with wooden dolls and pieces of material, before re-enacting the story of the Hawkhurst gang – a smuggling group which operated around Chichester in the 18th century.

Some of the children spoke about their favourite parts of the evening.

“My favourite has probably been making the dolls with lots of materials and things,” said ten-year-old Lara Barwick.

““I think it was probably walking in the rooms and looking at all the people and some people pretending to be ghosts,” added Jessie Theobald, ten.

After the fun and games, the groups spread out sleeping bags on the exhibition floor and went to sleep.

“I’m really enjoying it tonight, it’s really, really fun. All the kids seem to be having a great time and I myself am having a great time as well,” said Catherine Coleman, learning participation officer at the Novium.