Video: Ghosthunters spot Fratton Park ‘spook’

IT’S not easy to see and it’s gone in a second, but what ghosthunters think is a ‘ghoul’ has been caught on camera at Fratton Park.

Dark Knights Paranormal was searching the stadium equipped with cameras and recording devices in a bid to spot something spooky.

And they got more than they bargained for when the unexplained shadow passed before them.

What the team describe as ‘a dark mass/figure’ was filmed under the Fratton End and uploaded to YouTube.

Alan Robson, investigator and technical manager for the Waterlooville-based ghosthunters, said: ‘It was amazing what we saw. We don’t know what it was.

‘Obviously, we didn’t see it until we went back over the footage. There was no explanation for what caused it.

The black mark to the left of the man's head shows the apparition

The black mark to the left of the man's head shows the apparition

‘I watched it more than 100 times to make sure it wasn’t a torch, but there is no way it was a torch, because we weren’t down that way.

‘It was a bit like fishing, when you catch a big fish – it was exciting. We thought “we have caught something here”.’

Dark Knights Paranormal is a team of four made up of Alan, 49, his cousin Karen Tee, 37, her father Richard, 60, and Karen’s partner Matt Slight, 25, all from the Waterlooville area.

The team formed in 2013 and holds ghost hunts at locations across the area, including Fort Widley, the Portsmouth D-Day tunnels and Titchfield Great Barn.

The 'spirit' was spotted under the Fratton End

The 'spirit' was spotted under the Fratton End

The Fratton Park search was organised by Portsmouth/Southampton-based ghosthunting group Paranormal Adventures, and was held from 8pm to 2am on January 30.

Steve Hunter, co-director for the group, said: ‘It is the third time we have been there.

‘It is very eerie and spooky to be in a location that big, particularly having it so empty, when there is usually thousands of people in there.

‘It is one of our most interesting locations.’

Alan said the Dark Knights were keen to take part in the Fratton Park search because of the history of the stadium.

‘We went there with an open mind, and we were amazed by what we found,’ he said.

‘Someone who works there has commented on our website and said they have seen shadows.

‘It could be anything. Was it a Portsmouth supporter who haunts that stand? You just don’t know.

‘It was quite scary. We heard a seat go down in the stand and there was no one up there.’

The team also believe they heard a woman’s voice tell them to ‘get out’ while searching above the reception area of the stadium.

Paranormal Adventures hold ghosthunting events around the area.

Mr Hunter added: ‘It not as terrifying as you think, it is one of the most interesting experiences you can have in a normal scenario in a normal place.

‘Any doubters need to come down and give it a go.’

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