VIDEO: Lorries stuck in Petworth

TRADERS have slammed the county council for misleading signs which have both turned shoppers away from the town, and also caused chaos for passing lorries.

Emergency repair work is taking place on a sewer in Pound Street, and the street is currently closed off.

On Monday (February 11), a number of lorries became stuck along Saddlers Row.

Carla Walls, of Garden House Antiques, said there had been five lorries which had needed to back up around the tight corner in a matter of hours.

“This is just a nightmare,” she said. “Residents are directing traffic and stopping traffic in the square.”

Because HGVs had been following the signs that direct them through the town, they had been going along Saddlers Row, expecting to turn left into Pound Street, however they had been left stuck as they then found they were unable to turn.

“They’re clogging the whole of Petworth,” said Ms Wells.

“It’s not up to us as residents and rate-payers to go out into the town to direct the traffic.

“It’s just so stupid.”

She said thought should have been given to the impact the road closure would have on lorries coming through the town square and, while the work

was going on, the HGV-directing signs should be temporarily covered to avoid further confusion.