VIDEO: Medieval Midhurst thrives in town square

THE REJUVENTATION of Midhurst’s town square is being shown at its best this weekend (May 3 and 4) as it bustles with medieval fervour.

The first Medieval Midhurst drew in the crowds yesterday (May 3) and highlighted the town’s important past and promising future.

“It’s lovely,” said Deryck Hamon, who was in Midhurst on Saturday.

“As a bit of a historian I find it fascinating and there’s a lot of research gone into it.

“As the first event here it’s very good and I hope it blossoms.”

With the first event a success, it is hoped it can return next year and become an annual event to start off the summer.

“We’re really pleased,” said Melanie Burgoyne, rural towns co-ordinator with Chichester District Council.

“The whole idea was to get people aware of the square and have an event that would create some interest in the town.”

See Thursday’s Midhurst and Petworth Observer (May 8) for a full report and picture spread.