VIDEO: Novium reveals 4,200-year-old Racton Man

A BRONZE-AGE skeleton found buried with one of the first bronze alloy daggers in the UK was unveiled at the Novium this morning (December 15).

National and local press headed for the Chichester museum, in Tower Street, to see the skeleton in its new display at The Novium.

First discovered in 1989, detailed research began on the Racton Man a couple of years ago using the latest scientific techniques.

Specialists from England, Wales and Scotland have spent months analysing his teeth, bones and dagger to start creating a picture of who this man was, how he died and where he was from, plus his age, height and details of his health.

They believe the Racton Man was probably a tribal leader from the very beginning of the Bronze Age.

Their research makes him significant on a national scale, according to Chichester District Council.

Scientists have determined he was buried more than 4,000 years ago and was older than 45 at the time of his death.

Bronze Age specialist Stuart Needham and Chichester District Council’s archaeology officer James Kenny were on hand to answer questions on the find.

See Thursday’s Observer for a full report on the Racton Man and information about what the tests revealed.