VIDEO: Procession through Chichester for Judges’ Service

LEGAL eagles from throughout the South East came together for the judges’ service at Chichester Cathedral today (March 14).

The annual service celebrated the legal profession and welcomes high sheriffs and judges the chance to come together each year.

Acting dean Tim Schofield greets the judges

Acting dean Tim Schofield greets the judges

The event dates back to the Middle Ages, where judges and the high sheriffs would take part in a procession to church to demonstrate they represented the power and authority of the Crown.

Part of the high sheriff’s duty was, and still remains, to protect the judges and to arrange these services.

Civic leaders and mayors from around the area opened the event with a procession through the city.

Led by city PC Jimmy Upton, the procession made its way from Cannon Street, through to South Street, West Street and then the cathedral.

They were greeted by the acting dean Tim Schofield and Prebendal School’s choir.

Then the judges made their way to the cathedral, accompanied by the high sheriffs of West Sussex, East Sussex, Hampshire, Kent and Greater London.

Then the judges, high sheriffs and civic leaders made their way into the cathedral for the service.

The service itself emphasises the importance of upholding the law for the wellbeing of communities throughout Sussex and also celebrates the work of all those administering justice, law and order in the county.

The acting dean lead the service with hymns and prayers, and several local church leaders came along.

At the end of the service there was a collection for Chichester homeless charity Stonepillow.