Visit the guitar doctor in Milland

Simon Bailey - the guitar doctor PICTURE BY JUDITH TURNER
Simon Bailey - the guitar doctor PICTURE BY JUDITH TURNER

MUSICIANS can now make an appointment to visit the guitar doctor in Milland.

Simon Bailey has moved out of his parent’s garden shed in Camelsdale and moved to a workshop in Milland taking with him all the tools of his trade as a guitar doctor and mender.

With more than ten years experience, guitar technician and luthier (a stringed instrument maker), Simon has been playing guitars since he was ten years old. He also has experience playing in a group, The Alternative Car Park, which has had gigs in Portugal as well as at festivals, clubs and pubs.

But his day job is mending, maintaining and making guitars, and he uses local woods whenever possible.

“The recent storms have been really helpful for my trade,” he said.

Simon started working straight after his three year course in luthiery at the Musical Instrument Technology College of Merton London, and has gone from success to success.

Much of his work is word of mouth but he also puts in a few hours at Nevada Music in Portsmouth where many musicians go for his help.

In the coming years Simon would like to build up a ‘small team of specialists building up to 500 guitars, both electric and acoustic every year.’ For more information about Simon and his flourishing trade, visit