VOTE: Pants on display after ‘tacky’ Midhurst business hit the headlines

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Not to be outdone by the saucy shop window up the road, Lavant Workwear in Midhurst’s Bepton Road has also branched out into unusual underwear.

Zeemax Emporium hit the headlines last week when owner Donna Harley-Nash was accused of running a ‘tacky’ business which was tantamount to a sex shop.

Peter Field wanted fellow town councillors to object to the shop after describing it as the ‘most tawdry, tacky place,’ adding: “It looks nothing less than a sex shop.”

Now Lavant Workwear, run by Roger Pocock since his father Geoff retired, have placed a giant pair of white Y-fronts in their window, declaring: “In the light of the front page of the Midhurst and Petworth Observer, Lavant Workwear have also decided to diversify into the realms of unusual underwear.”

Mr Pocock senior, told the Observer: “If Zeemax can do it so can we, although we have a slightly different type of underpants in our window.”

Taking the view that no publicity was bad publicity he said: “We just think if we can make people laugh and smile when they walk by our window, then that is jolly good.

“I don’t care what people do as long as its legal, nobody gets hurt and it doesn’t frighten the horses!”

Commenting on the Zeemax window where Donna now specialises in basques, underwear and wigs, Mr Pocock said: “It doesn’t bother us at all, you can get a lot worse – or better depending on how you are inclined, on the internet!”

Hitting back at the sex shop claim last week, Donna said in this paper she had opened her business early this year to sell fashion to the over-30s market, but trade never took off.

She put a basque in the window and found business was quickly booming.

She said business in the town was being held back by people who had no vision and claimed: “I have single-handedly put Midhurst on the map.”

After opening with £30,000 of stock in February she quickly realised: “These clothes weren’t happening. I had one odd basque in the shop and I put it in the window.

“It caused a sensation so I got some more in.”

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