VOTE: Should more allotment sites be made available so people can grow their own vegetables?

Midhurst gardener Glenn Jones believes the answer to soaring food bills and fresh healthy produce lies in keeping an allotment.

And now he is appealing for like-minded townspeople to come forward in a bid to set up an allotment group and seek land in the Midhurst area.

Mr Jones, who recently become a town councillor, said: “Like many people these days I have a small garden with an even smaller area available to grow my own vegetables.

“I like the vegetables I grow, I know what I feed them with and I know they are not sprayed with insecticide or preservatives.

“I would like to grow more and for that reason I need an allotment.”

He said he had already spoken to about ten people in the town who also wanted allotments and he believed there could be many more.

“I am sure I am not alone in this and over recent years there has probably never been a better time or better reasons to have an allotment.”

He said the cost of food was high and still rising, adding: “Space limitation for new housing developments invariably means smaller and smaller garden spaces and little room for growing your own vegetables.

“If you look at new housing developments over the past ten to 15 years the amount of garden space provided is very small and it’s not enough to sustain a family.

“If you want to do something about providing healthy food or teaching your children how to grow their own vegetables, allotments are the only choice.”

He said the first issue was to find out how many people were interested in holding an allotment. They could then address the issue of finding land.

There were waiting lists for all allotments currently available in the Midhurst area, according to Mr Jones.

The ones in Easebourne were particularly popular, with a long waiting list, and a second allotment site in Bepton Road was also fully subscribed.

If there proved to be a demand for more allotments, Mr Jones said he would approach the town council and Chichester District Council for help in the search for suitable land.

But he believed the way forward would be to form a Midhurst allotment society to work with the councils, in line with the new ‘Big Society’ thinking.

He appealed to townspeople who might be interested, saying: “If you think you could benefit from having your own piece of land to grow your own produce, why not contact me and perhaps together we can do something about it.”

He can be contacted on 01730 814062 or 07544 044242, or by email at