Walkers enjoy Flexham Park

Walkers enjoying the sunshine
Walkers enjoying the sunshine

A STUNNING display of colour and a vast number of bluebells greeted the Fernhurst Society walkers at Flexham Park, near Petworth.

And it was not just bluebells, but a host of other flowers from stitchwort to pimpernel as well as a range 
of mosses growing on the ground and on walls.

Walkers were fortunate to have forester Iain Brown with them to point out the different firs and pines, and the male and feminine flowers, and to say which would become cones in the autumn.

The next walk is on July 27 with a walk of three stages, from Fernhurst to the mast, to the Elizabeth Oak and finally to the new South Downs National Park Authority headquarters at Capron House.

Walkers can choose which parts they want to do, but everyone will meet at the HQ for lunch.

On Saturday, May 10, from 2pm-5pm, the Fernhurst Archive will be holding a double exhibition in the village hall of naturalist and water-colourist Margaret Shaw.

The exhibition also covers the story of the Rev George Rankin, the village’s vicar who went to war and was killed in 1917. His letters home to his parishioners make elegant and interesting reading.