Wallaby alert in Petworth!

You've got to be quick to snap a wallaby
You've got to be quick to snap a wallaby

IT’S not the sort of thing you might expect to see on the loose in Petworth.

But Observer reader Tony ‘Bones’ Hampton spotted this little fellow skipping over the grass at 5.30 one morning and was quick enough to get a picture of ‘Walter’ the wallaby as he hopped away.

Tony’s amazing snap was taken between Hampers Green and Gunthers Bridge.

Apparently Walter and his friend Arthur the Albino Wallaby escaped from their home when a wall at a house in Petworth was accidentally damaged.

Police put out an alert saying they weren’t dangerous but moved very quickly!

Walter was on the loose for eight days, but he and Arthur have now been caught and are safely back home.

Did you spot them while they were on their unscheduled get away from it all break?