Watch the moment police arrest murderer who fled to Chichester and Bognor to evade capture

A CCTV image of Darren Pencille on the train
A CCTV image of Darren Pencille on the train

Footage released by British Transport Police shows the moment officers arrested a murderer who had attempted to evade capture by fleeing to Chichester and Bognor.

Darren Pencille, 36, was arrested by armed police at his girlfriend’s home in Willbury Road in Farnham - less than 18 hours after he stabbed Lee Pomeroy on a train, metres away from his teenage son, according to a British Transport Police spokesman.

Pencille had previously attempted to avoid capture by travelling to Frensham Ponds near Farnham, Bognor Regis and Chichester with his girlfriend Chelsea Mitchel, 28, the spokesman said.

Pencille was found guilty of murder and possession of an offensive weapon at the Old Bailey in London on Friday - read more here.

He was jailed for life with a minimum of 28 years behind bars, according to the spokesman.

Mitchell was also handed a 28 month prison sentence for her part in helping Pencille attempt to avoid capture.

The CCTV footage from police also shows Pencille and Mr Pomeroy shouting at each other in the train carriage in Surrey on Friday 4 January.

Pencille had became frustrated with Mr Pomeroy and his teenage son blocking the aisle, according to the spokesman.

Just minutes later, in the next carriage along, Pencille pulled a knife from his pocket and stabbed Mr Pomeroy in the neck and upper torso, police said.

The 51-year-old victim – who was celebrating his birthday the following day – desperately tried to defend himself.

But despite the best efforts of police and paramedics on board the train, Mr Pomeroy died just over an hour later.

Detective Chief Inspector Sam Blackburn said: “This was a case where a brief argument resulted in a moment of shocking violence that ended with the death an adored father, husband, brother and son.

“No argument, however heated, should result in the violence seen that day and no family members should ever bear witnesses to the violent death of a loved one."

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