Weather and flooding update for West Sussex

Flooding at the beginning of 2014
Flooding at the beginning of 2014

A WEATHER and flooding update has been issued for areas around the River Lavant in West Sussex.

Spells of heavy rain have been forecast for the area over the coming weekend (January 25-26), with strong winds expected in coastal areas on Sunday.

Groundwater levels are already high and will remain so for weeks.

Two flood alerts for the River Lavant and the River Ems have been issued by the Environment Agency.

A groundwater flood alert is also in place for West Dean, Singleton, Charlton, East Dean and Chilgrove.

Flooding has disrupted roads around Stoughton, Walderton and Westbourne, particularly the B2147, and the A286 between East Lavant and East Dean.

The B2146 between Hairs Lane and West Marden has been temporarily closed.

All other affected roads are passable with care.

Both West Sussex County Council and the Environment Agency continue to respond to, and monitor, the affected areas.

The County Council is asking motorists to be considerate and drive slowly through surface water.

Waves created by driving quickly damage surrounding properties and soak passers-by.

Surface water can obscure hidden dangers such as submerged potholes and other damage to the road, so motorists are advised to take care when driving.

Residents living in areas affected by high groundwater levels should consider moving precious belongings out of their cellars.

Groundwater flooding will usually occur days, or even weeks, after heavy or prolonged rainfall, and can last several weeks.

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