Well-known Midhurst businessman pays tribute to people who saved his life

Well-known Midhurst businessman Andrew Chiverton has paid tribute to the people who saved his life when he collapsed at his home on Church Hill.

Tuesday, 17th July 2018, 3:34 pm
Updated Tuesday, 17th July 2018, 3:38 pm
Andrew and Dawn back home together in Midhurst

He said if it had not been for passersby Carolyn Bishop and Jeanette Sutton he would not have survived: “Without them, nothing else would have happened. They saved my life and I feel very lucky.”

Andrew, who has suffered heart problems for 14 years, was preparing to leave his house on May 25 when he suffered a cardiac arrest.

Jeannette Sutton

Jeanette said: “Carolyn (who is away from Midhurst this week) was using the cash machine next door and thought she would go to see Andrew, who she knew through the Town Team. He opened the door and keeled over. She called 999 and started giving CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) under the direction of the woman on the other end of the phone. I happened to be passing and saw the door open. Carolyn called me in and I took over as she was exhausted.

“I did exactly what the voice told me to do. She was amazing and very reassuring. I kept doing it until the paramedics arrived. It’s amazing how the adrenaline kicks in and you get in the zone. I just kept doing it because I knew it was his only chance and if I didn’t he might not survive. I absolutely went for it.”

Dawn, who was at work, rushed home to find two ambulances, paramedics, Jeannette and Carolyn working to save her husband’s life: “There was mayhem here. It was just like something you see on television. He was so lucky they had started CPR so quickly. They had stabilised him by the time I got home and I told Andrew he would do anything to get me the day off. The whole thing was horrific.”

Andrew was taken to St Richard’s Hospital, transferred to the Brompton Hospital and was back home six days later.

Carolyn Bishop

He also paid tribute to staff of both hospitals, as well as Jon David, his ‘brick’ who looks after the Crafty Pint in his absence.