West Sussex County Council backs green deal

WEST SUSSEX County Council has backed the “Green Deal” to the tune of £2million.

The programme means homeowners and businesses can borrow cash from central government to pay for improvements such as cavity wall and loft insulation, solar panels and solar technologies, and the savings they make used to pay off the loan over up to 25 years, Council deputy leader Lionel Barnard, who is responsible for communities, environment and enterprise, said: “Once we convince homeowners, tenants, landlords and businesses their property can be made warmer and in the longer term their energy bills cheaper, the benefits for West Sussex will be spectacular.

“On top of saving people money, it will help dramatically reduce the county’s carbon emissions and stimulate the economy.”

The council has already earmarked £2million to support the scheme next year, and hopes to transform that into £75million with the help of the public and private sector. The aim is for the Green Deal to be available for residents in West Sussex from autumn, 2013.