What you think about Velo South planning to return in 2019

Observer readers responded to the news that Velo South organisers, CSM Active, said it was 'confident' of the race going ahead next year.

Tuesday, 25th September 2018, 5:31 pm
Updated Tuesday, 25th September 2018, 5:34 pm

Executive chairman of CSM Active Jon Ridgeon, which organised the cancelled Velo South on Sunday, has said he is ‘confident’ of the county council agreeing to a 2019 event.

The race, which was cancelled on Thursday due to 'unsafe' weather conditions, sparked controversy after it was announced that there would be road closures to parts of West Sussex.

Readers commented under the story on the Observer's Facebook page.

Velo Birmingham 2017

Lesley Hurd said: "Roads closed for nearly ten hours is a massive imposition and possible with tragic consequences. I don't give a stuff about cycling, let them cycle to their hearts content. But do not shut countryside roads!"

Kyrie Holmes said: "There are enough cycle paths they can just use those instead of clogging up our roads and inconveniencing everyone in the process!"

SEE ALSO See reaction in our live blog| How the event become so controversial| What readers think of Velo SouthBunty Upton-Taylor said: "What I can't understand about this whole bike race thing is if they can do rolling road closures for the Olympic Games in 2012 and every year since the London/Surrey one, why couldn't they do the same for Sussex?"

On Friday, the county council said it will be asking its members and parish councils for ‘feedback’ on how Velo South was organised.Bernard Sleep encouraged CSM to 'take note' and said: "I have no objection to large scale events as long as road closures etc. are minimised for the majority of the general public around Sussex who have to endure the road congestion incurred with the great Goodwood racing festival."

Manager of the Fox and Hounds in Funtington said the pub has lost 70 per cent of its usual revenue but is 'still open for business'. General manager Marco Ruggiori said he 'felt sorry' for the cyclists after all the preparation but said: "I'm very angry. We usually have around 350 covers on a Sunday."

Carolyn Ann said: "Most areas whose main economy is tourism would be welcoming with open arms 15,000 visitors bringing their hard earned cash to spend in the hotels and restaurants in the area and highlighting the beauty of West Sussex."

She added: "Goodwood closes the roads around Lavant when they have events on and I never hear anyone complain!"

The county council has said it will be asking its members and parish councils for ‘feedback’ on how Velo South was organised.John Spiers said: "No, they cannot be allowed to even attempt to impose this on us again."

Jonell Aungiers said her business was going to be impacted 'massively' by the event. She said: "I can list many real problems people were facing and not of of these clients were against cyclists or organised sports events."

A team of urologists who raised 20,000 for charity said they were 'gutted' but think that the event organisers made the 'right decision'.

She added: "If they organise it for next year, with rolling road blocks — I'll be there cheering them on!"

Darren Crane called it 'great news'.

Seamus Flood said: "No thanks."