Winter advice from Chichester district community wardens

CHICHESTER district community wardens are encouraging people to look out for their neighbours this Christmas.

They will be out and about in local communities helping residents have a merry Christmas and stay safe and warm this winter.

“The wardens carry out regular visits to older and vulnerable people within the Chichester district, providing a friendly, reassuring face within the community,” said Cllr Eileen Lintill, member for leisure, wellbeing and community services.

“They want to make sure residents stay safe and warm this winter.

“Their top tips include making sure you are aware of your security.

“Make sure milk bottles aren’t left outside on your doorstep if you’re going away.

“Also, don’t leave Christmas presents on display in your home or car, or packaging from expensive items sticking out of your bin – it can attract opportunistic burglars. You should also be careful with handbags, purses and wallets when doing your Christmas shopping.

“The wardens are also encouraging everyone to look out for older or vulnerable friends, family and neighbours.

“The cold weather affects them the most, so make time to pop in regularly to make sure they are ok and have everything they need.”

Senior community warden Declan Moody said: “We also want everyone to remember ICE, which stands for in case of emergency.

“Keep an up to date list of people to be contacted in an emergency, plus other important information – such as medications, allergies, your doctor’s name, important phone numbers etc – in a sealed container in the fridge.

“You should also put the phone number of an emergency contact into your mobile phone under the name ICE.

“Both these measures allow the emergencies services to find their details quickly should they be needed.”