Wreaths sent from Petworth to Ranville for servicemen 75 years after D-day landing

The wreaths that were taken over by Janet Duncton
The wreaths that were taken over by Janet Duncton

Respects were paid on Thursday to the men and women who served in liberating Normandy in the D-Day landings on June 6, 1944.

Thursday marked the 75th anniversary of the event as tributes are paid to servicemen who fought in the landings.

Councillor Janet Duncton took five wreaths to Ranville, near Caen, yesterday morning.

The wreaths have been delivered on behalf of West Sussex County Council, Petworth Town Council, Chichester District Council, Petworth British Legion, and Petworth Twinning Association.

Ranville, which is twinned with Petworth, is based on one side of the Pegasus Bridge and was the first of the French villages which were liberated on D-Day.

Pegasus Bridge was also of vital importance in the liberation of Normandy.

Cllr Duncton said: “I’m just waving the flag for us and saying thank you to all the servicemen who went over there.”

Chairman of Petworth Town Council, Chris Kemp said: “Ranwell is our twinning town and it was the first to be liberated which makes it even more important to send some wreaths.

“I believe that there were 10,000 killed or seriously injured on that day so it is absolutely important to pay our respects.

“It is a lovely opportunity for this town to share that with our French friends.”

A spokesman for Chichester District Council said: “Chichester District Council today recognises all of those troops who set sail to defeat the Nazi forces on D-Day.

“To mark the 75th anniversary of this occasion, we have sent a wreath to Ranville, which was the first French village liberated on D-Day.

“The village is also twinned with Petworth.

“This has been taken to France by a district representative who is involved in today’s events.”