Young art experts at work at Plaistow and Kirdford school


THERE has been a colourful start to the spring term in the new year at Plaistow and Kirdford Primary School.

Pupils throughout the whole school have been hard at work on their ‘Take One Picture’ project.

Each year the National Gallery picks a piece of art and invites schools to work with that picture in their classrooms.

This year the painting chosen was Gainsborough’s ‘Mr and Mrs Andrews’.

This portrait is the masterpiece of Gainsborough’s early years painted after his return home from London to Suffolk in 1748, soon after the marriage of Robert Andrews of the Auberies and Frances Carter of Ballingdon House, near Sudbury.

The landscape in the background depicts Robert Andrews’s estate, to which his marriage added even more property.

He has a gun under his arm, while his wife sits on an elaborate Rococo-style wooden bench.

The painting of Mrs Andrews’s lap is unfinished.

Experts believe the space may have been reserved for a child for Mrs Andrews to hold.

The pupils have analysed the picture, recreated elements, even imagining what Mr and Mrs Andrews would look like now!

Headteacher, Charlie King said: “The children had a fantastic week. At Plaistow and Kirdford we love celebrating the arts and immersing ourselves in creative tasks.

“The children really flourished during our Take One Picture week, not only in their painting but also in their writing and maths.”