Younger students showcase musical talents for parents

Churcher's College pupil playing a little saxaphone
Churcher's College pupil playing a little saxaphone

The infant students of Churcher’s College in Liphook held their own summer concert for parents.

More than 50 performers took part in the annual Summer Concert

Churcher's College pupil playing the piano

Churcher's College pupil playing the piano

The annual ‘infant concert’ is a highlight for the school’s younger pupils in class one and two, who eagerly await their chance to perform solo, ensemble and whole class items to a friendly and supportive audience.

There was an amazing range of solo performances on piano, cello, violin, ukulele and JSax.

Smaller group items included the class two recorder group as well as a new pilot scheme, toots and doods.

The music department is running these lessons in order to teach junior versions of the flute and clarinet.

These new additions to the music department have been met with great success and are a great way to get younger pupils enjoyed music making without the expense and worry of owning an expensive instrument.

Both classes were said to have shown of their instrumental skills by performing pieces that they had composed themselves.

They have also been descibed to have displayed a real understanding for all the different instruments and sounds on offer in the music room.

They successfully combined specific instruments to conjure up exotic landscapes in a pirate treasure hunt.

As well as exploring the crater of an exploding volcano.

The evening was rounded off with getting all the audience participating in ‘Baby Shark’, a favourite piece among the infants who performed with energy and real enthusiasm.

A member of the school said: “it was heartening to see such confidence from so many so young and how music can be the perfect vehicle for developing. It was great to see the performers putting this in action on stage and really proving how adept and resilient they are to performing with nerves.”