20’s plenty? Enough

I READ the article in last week’s Observer about cyclists in Chichester with great interest. I have been concerned about cyclists in this area for some time. My main concerns however are slightly different from just cycling through the precinct at the wrong times.

If I were to say that I represent a group of people that use a form of transport that needs no insurance, MOT, licence or training and can be used by anyone of any age, with little or no experience, including small children, nor do we pay any road tax, and we want the car drivers in Chichester to reduce their speed to 20mph for our safety (while we don’t even have a speedometer to tell us if we go more than 20mph). Somehow I don’t think that I would get much support.

However, this is just what 20’s Plenty and ChiCycle is asking. If a cyclist causes an accident or damages a car then it is down to the car drivers to pay up. Cyclists can pull out in front of a car and cause an accident just as cars can. But if a car pulls out in front of you it’s their insurance that pays, if it’s a cyclist then tough

This maybe a very noble campaign and I can see sense in cars slowing down but, this has to stop now until bicycles are fully licensed, and checked each year for road safety (MOT). With proper training for cyclists and tested for knowledge of the Highway Code, with full insurance. Once this is done then I believe everyone will give this campaign their support. One law for all road users.

Barbara Stewart-Newell

Sloe Close,