A bad Brexit deal would be worse than no deal

Brexit debate
Brexit debate

Both our area’s parliamentary representatives have now pledged to vote for the Chequers deal when it comes before the Commons.

Before they do so, Nick Herbert and Gillian Keegan should ask themselves how it is that in getting to this position, Theresa May has managed to achieve the resignation of the two ministers she charged with the task of achieving Brexit. The fact is that Monsieur Barnier has made a mug of Mrs May. This will cost the nation dear: almost £40 billion for starters, and indefinite shackling to the EU, a Brexit In Name Only.

This in short, is the bad deal that is worse than no deal.

Our MPs should get on the right side of reality and join their colleagues who want nothing to do with it.

Steve Haynes, Goodwood Gardens, Runcton