A flyover is needed

READING the latest comments (Observer, February 16) about the proposed housing development at Shopwyke Lakes, I see the need for improvements to the Portfield roundabout is still ignored.

It must be obvious that with the increasing amount of traffic on the A27, both with through traffic and from the ever-increasing amount of traffic on the A27, and local developments, eventually a flyover will be required here, with the associated slip roads to and from the roundabout. Therefore a substantial amount of land will be required to the south east of the roundabout to accommodate this and must be reserved for this purpose.

Any proposed housing development must therefore be suitably located further back to allow for this and not close to the dual carriageway and roundabout as shown at present.

When will those in charge of planning control, both at district and county level, plan and control for future needs?

JF Wells

High Street,