A little good news

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WITH all the stories, of misery that often seem to saturate papers, general stories of people doing harm to others and other deviant happenings in society... I felt compelled to counter this, with a nice story.

This week I was on route to work on my bicycle to Chichester from Felpham, and while in Outerwyke Avenue, I noticed my lace getting further and further entwined in my chain... suffice to say it didn’t take long before it rendered me completely immobile, with my phone in my rucksack on my back, I had no way of calling for assistance.

Thankfully after a while, a lady with a dog came down the street who very kindly tried to untangle the mess, but it was too mangled. Then a builder stopped by and offered his Stanley knife, which thankfully, cut the lace, and I was free again.

The lady was so kind as I was a little shocked, and offered to come to hers for a cup of tea and calm down. All was fine, and I carried on to Chichester.

This event may not be ground-breaking, but it just reminded me that there are most probably more good people in the world than bad, and it just renewed a little of my faith in humanity again. That’s a good feeling.

Jane Chappell