A sign of the times?

CAN SOMEONE somewhere explain to me what on earth is going on with Midhurst! This is a wonderful town and place to live in, steeped with history, events and of course Madhurst.

As you now enter Midhurst from Easebourne you come up against billboards, signage and shops with tables and chairs on the pavement which prevent pedestrians from freely walking by. This is actually breaking the law!

We have complaints about the colour schemes of some shops and even the font of a shop’s signage as it was against the ambience of the town. Very fair comment.

You now leave the town towards Chichester and now what have we got – a ‘sex shop’! I thought there were strict rules and regulations about what could and could not be set up as a shop in a listed town such as Midhurst.

It is embarrassing to walk past this shop with children... the whole thing is tasteless, but obviously good for Midhurst – otherwise, along with the current trend, why else has this been allowed? Is it not about time someone was held accountable for the disastrous decisions that have been made. Stand up and be counted please!

Anne Chuter